The digital age is opening new possibilities to make revenue from different advertising programs. One such advertising platform is Google Ad-sense, which allows you to put ads on your websites. The advertisement placement service by Google will assist you in targeting text, image, or video advertisements on the website pages. You can earn money when the visitor clicks or views the ads.

Working on Google Ad Sense

You need to start a free account as Google manages and control the advertisements. After creating the Ad sense account, you need to copy and paste the code to display the ads. Your page is checked for its content and relevance by the Ad-sense spiders. Then, the Ad-sense spiders put the relevant ads next to each of your articles after a thorough search of their inventory. So, a visitor reading an article about a similar topic will see the ads and click on them as the Ad-sense spiders match the ads with the following;

  • The specific keywords typed by the visitors in the Google search engine.

  • Ad sense advertisement displaying websites.

Revenue Using Google Ad Sense

You can earn money with the Ad-sense as it generates revenue by the per-click (or per-impression) model. So, the amount of money you make depends on the following factors;

  • The traffic attracted by your website.

  • The placement or position of the ad sense ads.

  • The type of audience/traffic the website can attract.

  • The advertisers on your website.

  • The content displayed on your website.

With a large amount of unique content on your website with just text (no images or videos), you can increase the chances of acceptance by the Google Ad-sense. As Google rejects the account of websites that are relatively new (less than three months), you can apply for an ad sense account after waiting for at least six months. It is the most reliable and easy method to make money online. So, you need to create different types and sizes of ads that can entice the visitors and offer you revenue.