B2B and B2C Business

Sales are the ultimate goal of any marketing irrespective of the activities involved in it. The B2B and B2C are the two important models, which are different from the sales as the ultimate objective. The B2B also known as the Business to Business involves the purchasing and selling of merchandise between the business houses. So, the commercial transaction takes place between two business houses, where one supplies the materials to another for the production or service is offered by one business to the other. The B2C is referred to as the Business to Consumer, which results in the marketing of a product to a consumer. In the B2C business model, one business sells its goods and services to the consumer directly. The two business models differ from one another as the B2B focuses more on saving time and money. So, the businesses work hard to restructure the buying process based on logic to make it cost-effective while the consumer’s purchase often depends on the emotion.

Comprehensive Look On The Business Models

  • B2B: The acronym for Business to Business includes the web hosting and graphic design services, advertising agencies, Office furniture manufacturers, renting or leasing of office and retail space from landlords, etc. The relationship is developed and ever-evolving in the B2B model as the two business houses take time to build trust. In the model, the sales process take a long time compared to the B2C model as the decision-making process takes at more than one level. The hierarchy of management is approached to get the necessary approvals before closing a sale.

  • B2C: The final consumer is the customer in the Business to the Consumer model of business, so retail stores, house cleaning services, restaurants, etc. come under the model. The sales cycle is shorter compared to the B2B model as the decision is taken on the emotional level by the consumer after checking the reviews, facts, and product details. The price, quality, and the durability of a product are the main markers for closing a sale. Though the steps taken for marketing a product to the consumer is confusing, it goes through several steps to reach the customer.

Difference Between B2B and B2C

The key difference between the models is summarized as;

  • The marketers of the B2B platforms use industry jargon to create an impact and make it excellent, but B2C marketing uses simpler language with fewer buzzwords. The B2C requires relatable language to strike a chord with the customer.

  • The B2B focuses entirely on business entities. The B2C is different as it primarily focusses on the product.

  • The B2B requires expertise and efficiency, so it is more logic-driven. The consumer audience gets attracted with deals and the entertainment. The consumer reaction is normally triggered by emotion.

  • The marketing for B2B has detailed content that caters to the needs of the audience, so the sales and marketing team must have good knowledge about the product. B2C marketing requires only basic information that is provided in an alluring way.

  • The buying and selling cycle of B2B is very lengthy, but it is short for the B2C. So, the business relationship lasts for a long time in B2B as it requires nurturing and close attention before making a decision. The relationship between buyer and seller in B2C lasts only for a shorter duration of time.

  • The advertisement and promotion of product creation and brand value in B2C while trust is the foundation for the relationship between business entities.

The two business models hold high relevance as their combinations cover the complete business process. The B2B focuses on the entities that sell their product to others to increase their value. The product is resold again after processing or making changes while the B2C targets consumers who do not resell the product. The businesses engaged in the sales of the product to the common public who have to use the product in their daily life.