Creating a web design that can attract the attention of the audience is significant in making a brand or service popular. The wed design appreciated by the users can help the owners make a mark in the market as improved usability of a website makes it different from others. A website with a unique design and keeps up with modern time can create waves. The popular, trending websites evolve itself overtime to meet the demands of the market and the users. A website designer must follow the basic rules to develop a website with attractive features.

Rule#1. Self-Explanatory Design

A good website must cater to the needs of the users without making them overthink. The simple yet clear design of the website must explain the purpose of the site. The pages must have a clear purpose that is conveyed to the users as effectively as possible.

Rule #2. Responsive Design

A website must have a responsive design that will aid in adapting to the screen size of the users. So, the page must load well on computer screens, mobile phones or laptops.

Rule #3. Focus on User’s Attention

The website with static or dynamic content must attract the attention of the users. The users with a short focus time must feel enticed with the design to come back for more.

Rule #4. Expose Features

The visually appealing design of the website must expose the features and make the users have a good experience. A successful user interface design must reflect the features of the website to the users.

Rule #5. Color Scheme

A vibrant colour scheme that is easy on eyes can hold the attention of the viewers for a long time. The color scheme must justify the content or style of the website, so the colors that contrast with the fonts and images are more appropriate.

Rule #6. Easy Navigation

Users must have an easy time viewing all the pages of the website. So, a website with easy navigation is preferred.

Rule #7. Load Time

The viewers like the site that takes short time load completely. By opting for HTML, CSS, Javascript pages can reduce the load time. The website designer must choose techniques that will reduce the total load time of the website to enhance the user experience.

Rule #8. Feature Videos, Images

The website with eye-catching images, interesting videos, and pictures can convey more to the viewers. It will make them come back for more as it offers a satisfying experience.

Rule #9. Powerful Content

A beautifully designed site is incomplete without the relevant content as it gives life to the website making it more attractive in the eyes of the users. A website designer must develop a site with exceptional design and valuable content. It provides the site unique and original content making it worthwhile for the users.

Rule #10. Viewer’s Privacy

The websites that allow viewer’s privacy is well-liked as it offers anonymity to the users. The data encryption is needed, but it must not block the access of the user’s VPN servers.

Following the rules will help the designers in creating a unique, engaging, and powerful website that can strike a chord with the viewers. It optimizes the website and makes the services or popular.