What is customer marketing?

Maybe it’s time to rethink your approach…


B2B marketers are focusing more and more on making sure their customers are successful after they’ve signed the contract and started using your product or service.

This renewed attention helps in a couple of ways. First, successful customers are happy customers, and they are more likely to renew with you. The second reason is that successful, happy customers are also great advocates for your brand.

“Your best salespeople aren’t on your payroll,” said Jill Rowley, speaker, startup advisor and social selling evangelist, on the Rethink Podcast. “They’re your customers who are willing to advocate for your brand, your company, your solution, your people.”

It’s where the worlds of customer marketing and customer success collide. At Act-On, we see this falling in the Expand (retention) phase of marketing, joining Brand (awareness) and Demand (acquisition). All three phases are important, and they feed into the success of the others.

As a view into how some people think of marketing, Act-On is releasing a series of videos styled in the “Big Short” style, using metaphors to humorously explain BrandDemand and Expand and how marketing automation can help marketers adapt to the ever-changing buyer’s journey.

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