The value of an in-house SEO

Does your business really need an in-house search professional? Columnist Eugene Feygin explains what an in-house SEO can bring to the table, and why it’s worth the investment for many organizations.


Over the last decade, SEO has morphed into a complex field encroaching on UX, content marketing, and even web development. At the same time, a wide range of organizations are now running full force on to the web; yet they often fail to consider the possibility of bringing an SEO specialist in-house.

Based on conversations with colleagues, it really comes down to the fact that organizations lack commitment from the C-suite and/or proper resources to find the right candidate.

One then must beg the question: Is it worth bringing someone in?

I decided to reach out to several SEO leaders in the industry to get their points of view, while closely examining my past experience.

I have had the privilege over the last decade to primarily work as an in-house SEO manager for several e-commerce organizations. Even early on in my career, I recognized the value of SEO to the entire organization — from a merchant researching products to onboard, to a content team researching valuable topics to address, I was always there to provide strategic insight on potential growth.

But what else can an in-house SEO really do?

Political landscape negotiator

Every organization will have teams that focus on different goals, perspectives and responsibilities. As SEOs, it is our job to achieve true collaboration. We can drive all the traffic you want, but that’s not very valuable if the customer doesn’t convert!


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