Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complex, but columnist Marcus Miller simplifies it by breaking down its key elements into four main categories. SEO can be complicated — in many cases, overcomplicated. How many ranking factors are involved in generating strong organic search results? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? Two hundred? A quick search for […]

The four pillars of an effective SEO strategy

In the spirit of Halloween, columnist Jeremy Knauff shares some frighteningly outdated SEO tactics that simply won’t die! As we approach Halloween and our Netflix queues again fill up with all manner of spooky, startling and downright horrifying monsters, I’m reminded of another kind of monster we should all be […]

13 outdated SEO tactics that should terrify you

Get inspired by these stories from brands like FedEx, Centermark, Dell and more. Content has entered a whole new era with higher expectations of usefulness and functionality. Today’s B2B and B2C buyers want content that constructively helps them accomplish their goals. This collection of nine interactive content case studies from […]

9 stories of great brands creating engaging content experiences

Some SEOs discount nofollow links, but contributor Pratik Dholakiya argues such an approach could result in many missed opportunities. With major publishers like Inc., Forbes and The Huffington Post placing the rel=”nofollow” tag on their external links, the sky is once again falling. Or not. In fact, I’ve always believed that earning […]

Nofollow links are not useless: Earning them Is central to ...

Some SEO professionals may advise you not to bother chasing rankings for competitive keyword terms, but columnist Stoney deGeyter believes that you can build your authority for these keywords over time by focusing on the long tail. If you have a relatively new or low-authority website, then you know how […]

How to use long-tail keywords to build your short-tail rankings

Learn how people-based marketing can improve the targeting, relevance, and results of your paid search campaigns. Your display advertising targets specific audiences, but what about your search marketing? It’s time to think beyond the keyword, and tailor your PPC campaigns based on who is actually viewing or clicking your ad. […]

Using Google Customer Match to optimize PPC campaign performance

Say more with your call-only ad copy! Columnist Allen Finn discusses how you can leverage callout extensions to earn more calls from prospects in a pinch. If you find yourself facing an overflowing toilet, you’re not going to deal with it from the confines of an ergonomic desk chair. There’s […]

How to capture urgent leads with call-only ad extensions

To meet Google’s standards for content that deserves a high rank, contributor Brian Ussery suggests following the guidelines the search giant has set for its internal content creators. Google has long stressed the importance of “high-quality content” but has provided little, if any, help for those seeking to create it. Until now. Last […]

‘High-quality content’ tips from Google’s own style guides

Don’t turn your attention away from the Internet of Things just yet. Contributor Wesley Young contends that the data provided by connected devices could help smaller players better compete with the big guys. In an age of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) may seem like yesterday’s news, […]

6 ways IoT will make local search for SMBs scalable

By Anje Dodson, Oracle vice president of HR, Talent Development, HR Technology, and Operations As a vice president of HR at Oracle, I’ve seen a lot of changes in executives’ expectations of HR. And it’s not just Oracle—those changes are part of a global trend. In the next 10 years, […]

The First Steps to Your Future Workforce: Move HCM to ...

Messenger added support for Instant Articles 14 months ago, but 14 months ago, Facebook’s proprietary format had fewer problems. Fourteen months after Facebook’s Messenger added support for its parent company’s proprietary article format, Messenger will no longer display the Instant Article version of a link when opened within the messaging app. The […]

Facebook will stop displaying Instant Articles within Messenger

Looking for insights not easily gleaned through spreadsheets and raw data? Columnist Dave Davies explains how to use Gephi, a data visualization tool, to create a visual representation of your site structure with regard to inbound link strength. They say a picture is worth a thousand words — and wow, […]

Visually understanding your site structure and external link weight impact