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Looking to optimize your business website for local search, but not sure where to start? Columnist Ryan Shelley provides some tips for beginners. When it comes to marketing your local business online, search is a great place to start. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a […]

3 local SEO tips that deliver business results

The new info allows businesses to directly check what actions customers are taking after Google searches, and how that affects campaigns. Despite the non-locality of ecommerce, it’s all about local customers for many businesses. To give them more perspectives, SEO firm Moz has announced this week the integration of Google My […]

Moz Local now provides data from Google My Business

How call tracking completes the PPC picture. Countless marketers and business owners swear by Google’s marketing tools. This is evident in the perennial corporate increases in AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) budgets, and it makes sense. After all, online marketing yields new leads at a rate of 54 percent. But marketers who […]

Google AdWords and the conversion blind spot

As Google continues to invest in machine learning technology to help it better understand and parse user queries, columnist Eric Enge emphasizes the need for marketers to continuously improve content quality and user satisfaction. Back in August, I posited the concept of a two-factor ranking model for SEO. The idea […]

How machine learning impacts the need for quality content

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Find out who the leading players are in enterprise SEO platforms. The “Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide,” from our sister-site MarTech Today, examines the market for enterprise SEO software platforms and the considerations involved in implementing this software into your business. If you are considering licensing an SEO software […]

Updated for 2017 — Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

Who are the major vendors? What should I be looking for? What are the costs? Marketing organizations of all sizes are being inundated by data from multiple digital marketing channels and an increasing number of consumer devices. Faced with challenging market dynamics and increasing ROI pressure, more B2B marketers are […]

Choosing the right marketing automation software for your business

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With all the ways search engine results pages have evolved over the years, columnist Julian Connors explores the question of whether SEO is still a wise investment. High keyword rankings are the most sought-after achievement in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Small businesses and brands alike strive to obtain […]

Do organic keyword rankings matter anymore?

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Advertisers can now set their imported Google campaigns to automatically update on an ongoing basis. One of the most successful features of Bing Ads has been Google Import, which lets advertisers port over existing AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. It has significantly spurred adoption by making it mostly effortless to […]

Bing Ads launches Automated Imports to sync campaigns from AdWords

We’re living in a time where great ideas quickly become companies and entrepreneurs quickly find themselves leaders. The best of those companies grow into the brands we all admire, but the journey from startup to market leader is not for the faint of heart, and for those who have succeeded, […]

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Shares How to Effectively Scale a ...

When we first introduced Google Voice our goal was to create “one number for life”—a phone number that’s tied to you, rather than a single device or a location. Since then, millions of people have signed up to use Google Voice to call, text and get voicemail on all their […]

Ringing in 2017 with updates to our Google Voice apps

Columnist Barb Palser says the growing number of single-source AMP carousels in Google search sweetens the deal for AMP-enabled publishers. In case you missed it, Google has launched a new type of AMP rich card carousel in mobile search results — in addition to the Top Stories carousel we’re used […]

Google AMP carousels are multiplying!