Now you can log into multiple Google Merchant Center accounts with the same email

The change greatly simplifies user access for Shopping feeds and other Merchant Center programs.


In a very nice update, users can now use the same email to access multiple Google Merchant Center (GMC) accounts.

GMC users may have already noticed an update about the change in their accounts, and Google Advertisers Community Manager CassieH posted a notice about it on Tuesday.

Per the Help Center page: “Multiple users are able to access a single Merchant Center, and users can connect their individual Google account with multiple Merchant Center accounts as needed.”

Admins can invite people by clicking on Users from the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. They’ll then be able to sign into the account using the login information for their own Google account.

Google does recommend that those using Google Search Console to manage their websites have each GMC Admin user also listed as an Owner of the site in Search Console.


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