LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Shares How to Effectively Scale a Business in a New LinkedIn Learning Course

We’re living in a time where great ideas quickly become companies and entrepreneurs quickly find themselves leaders. The best of those companies grow into the brands we all admire, but the journey from startup to market leader is not for the faint of heart, and for those who have succeeded, there are many more who have failed.


Anyone building a business from the ground up, taking the helm of an existing organization, or dreaming of doing both, can benefit from the experience of others who have done it. Starting this week, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s first ever LinkedIn Learning course launches. Jeff joined LinkedIn in December 2008, and under his leadership, LinkedIn has grown its membership from 33 million to more than 467 million, increased its annual revenue from $78 million to $3.7 billion, and gone from 338 employees to more than 10,000 full-time employees in more than 30 offices around the world.

His first course, On Establishing a Culture and Plan for Scaling, focuses on how to establish a culture within an organization and how to effectively plan for scaling. This course, which was originally filmed during an interview with Reid Hoffman at Stanford University, is now available for free to all learners.

In this 45 minute course, Jeff describes what it was like to join LinkedIn, his initial observations and how he dedicated his first hundred days to getting to know the people and the product. Rather than develop a stringent 100 day plan, he used this time to listen and to learn from the people who knew the company best. He describes this period of listening as invaluable in helping him to shape and define a vision and mission for the business that embraced the collective personality of the organization and its aspirations.


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