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The goals of marketing, from growing awareness to driving sales, change with every campaign, but fundamentally, marketers everywhere share the same objectives. Marketing teams at Google are no different, says Meg Biron, media technologies manager at Google’s Media Lab.

At Google, brands as diverse as Chromecast and Search aim to reach the right people with the right message, in the right moment. To do that, Google marketers work with our team, the Google Media Lab, which manages the media strategy for all of Google’s digital advertising campaigns.

We’re a nimble team, but we’re also one of DoubleClick’s heaviest users, innovating with DoubleClick solutions to deliver smarter and more effective campaigns. This requires advanced technology as well as an integrated approach.

In the past, insights, technology, and creative were siloed and disconnected. We’ve learned that it’s critical to centralize and connect these three functions. Today, we strive to build campaigns in an internal incubator. Insights aren’t reserved for the final step of targeting but influence every piece of creative, revealing who the audience is, how they behave, and the best time to reach them. And technology fuels more than media executions. It’s integral in the building of creative and gleaning of insights. This approach has led to a new and more effective model for digital marketing.


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