Google expands fact checking effort to all searches worldwide

Is some claim true or not? Google hopes special callouts for fact-checking articles will help searchers get the right answers or better make their own decisions.


Last October, Google launched support to highlight fact-checking articles within Google News in the US and UK. Now those articles will get special presentation as part of general Google searches worldwide.

Fact checks as part of regular Google search

Here’s an example of how the expanded fact checking looks, which begins today. Below is a search for whether Hillary Clinton sold uranium to Russia, something many have claimed, including President Donald Trump recently. A fact check from the popular Snopes fact-checking site appears first, saying the claim is false:


This is actually just a regular web search listing with special callouts (also known as “rich snippets“) to show who has made a particular claim and the verdict. In the example above, you can see the claim is attributed to the internet generally and that the claim is dismissed as false.


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