Bing Ads Editor gets Review Extension support, better keyword import & more

New changes to Bing Ads Editor enhance the keyword import process, add support for Review Extensions and save advertisers a step when creating remarketing audiences.


A slew of helpful new changes have made their way into Bing Ads Editor’s new release, version v11.10. The changes enhance functionality, add features and alleviate issues within the Bing platform.

Support of Review Extensions

Thankfully, the new version of Bing Ads Editor supports Review Extensions and will be a godsend for paid search managers everywhere. No longer will advertisers be relegated to the web version for review extensions. The upgrade will allow for managing of the third-party reviews, along with implementing shared Review Extensions that can be added to multiple campaigns and ad groups.


Reviews will now be able to be easily copied/pasted, edited or associated between accounts. Advertisers will also be able to see columns within Ads Editor that show the associated campaigns and ad groups to help with insight and troubleshooting.

Smarter keyword import

One of the more annoying complications with Bing Ads Editor has been the inability for the software to differentiate between match types on a keyword list that utilizes symbols to dictate match-type. Previously, Ads Editor would import terms like:

  • [search engine]
  • “search engine”

as broad match terms. With this new enhancement, Bing will now see each keyword as the match type associated with the symbol. So the previous examples would be brought in as:


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