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With all the ways search engine results pages have evolved over the years, columnist Julian Connors explores the question of whether SEO is still a wise investment. High keyword rankings are the most sought-after achievement in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Small businesses and brands alike strive to obtain […]

Do organic keyword rankings matter anymore?

Columnist Barb Palser says the growing number of single-source AMP carousels in Google search sweetens the deal for AMP-enabled publishers. In case you missed it, Google has launched a new type of AMP rich card carousel in mobile search results — in addition to the Top Stories carousel we’re used […]

Google AMP carousels are multiplying!

Link building and content marketing often complement each other, but columnist Andrew Dennis notes that there are plenty of ways to build links, even if you don’t have the resources to create content.   Link building isn’t some mystical SEO hack. Building links is straightforward: find relevant sites that have […]

How to build links without creating content

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Parameters in Oracle Database – part 4 of the series: New SPFILE Parameters in Oracle Database Obsolete SPFILE Parameters in Oracle Database Deprecated SPFILE Parameters in Oracle Database Default SPFILE Parameter changes between Oracle Database, and Roy and I did a comparison between […]

Default Changes SPFILE Parameters Oracle 12.2