Which SEO software tool is right for your organization? With hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of pages, sites, social conversations, images and keywords to manage and optimize, enterprise SEO has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Using an enterprise SEO platform can increase efficiency and productivity while reducing […]

Choosing an enterprise SEO platform

Smartphones have changed the way consumers interact with businesses. When smartphone users run searches for businesses and engage with their digital ads and website, they often convert by calling. And those phone calls convert to revenue 10x more than web leads. Marketers must now take a data-driven approach to call […]

How marketers in 25 industries use call tracking to drive ...

Columnist Ryan Shelley discusses the three essential goals any SEO campaign must achieve: visibility, traffic and ROI. What is the benefit of an SEO strategy? This is a question I get asked quite frequently — and one that I usually have to answer more than once. While many business owners […]

3 strategic goals SEO consultants should fulfill

Build your online identity with a domain name www.Com Registering a domain name is one of the first steps to starting a new business. That’s because whatever name is chosen will represent the business’s space on the internet — and, possibly, a customer’s first impression of the company. But once you […]

Three ways to use a domain name for business today

This is the second year of the LocalSEOGuide ranking factors study, performed in conjunction with UC Irvine. LocalSEO Guide has released its 2017 Local Ranking Factors study results. The methodology is quite different from the Moz Local Ranking Factors survey. Both are worth detailed examination. LocalSEO Guide, together with the […]

Local ranking factors study finds reviews, organic SEO best practices ...

It’s great to proactively manage your paid search accounts, but columnist Ted Ives makes the case for backing off a little when it comes to bid adjustments. The AdWords advertising system utilizes an auction-like process to decide which advertisers’ ads get to show and in which order. By bidding higher […]

Are you changing keyword bids too often?

The site had scrubbed multiple first-person reviews and content about rape and sexual assault at a Mexican resort. Earlier this year, TripAdvisor removed critical reviews and negative posts about health and safety problems, including sexual assault, at a number of Mexican resorts and hotels. These were first-person accounts designed to […]

Removal of hotel review reporting rape creates crisis of confidence ...

Columnist Jayson DeMers explores the impact of Google’s shift toward machine learning and discusses what the future will look like for search professionals. With Google turning to artificial intelligence to power its flagship search engine business, has the SEO industry been left in the dust? The old ways of testing and measuring […]

Has AI changed the SEO industry for better or worse?

Overthinking metrics? Julie Joyce explains why real human users are the key to modern-day link awesomeness. Let me begin by stating that I do not put an enormous emphasis on SEO when I’m training a link builder. Generally speaking, my team of link builders knows the basics of SEO, but […]

Why real human users are the key to the best ...

Columnist Greg Gifford illustrates the importance of educating your clients on different types of keywords and when to target them. It’s been awhile, thanks to a crazy fall conference season, but I’m back — and it’s time for another exciting episode of Greg’s Soapbox. This time around, I’m going to […]

Target the right keywords — for Google AND your clients

Search marketers, are you ready for the holiday shopping season? Columnist Mona Elesseily shares tips for getting the most out of your holiday paid search ads. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday advertising, as Q4 is the biggest quarter for many retailers. Naturally, many of our clients […]

7 tips to ramp up your holiday advertising

How should you structure paid search accounts when your targets include both businesses and consumers? Columnist Justin Freid discusses how to develop an ‘overlap strategy.’ B2B and B2C search marketing efforts are two different animals. From keyword development to prequalifying searchers through ad text, distinct strategies need to be developed […]

Creating a B2B and B2C overlap strategy